A weekend of Balboa & Blues! Dance close. Dance fast. Dance slow. Mix it up and just enjoy the music and dance!

Both Balboa and Blues create their own worlds and ideas of movement and connections – connecting both to your partner and the music. Find the similarities and differences between these styles, enjoying the mix of rhythms and steps during a weekend full of music and dance.

At Swing Station we don’t believe there’s only one way to move your body or one type of music to enjoy. We appreciate the idea of finding how to use our bodies in many ways to express different types of music.

Blues is the root of Swing music. Without the Blues you don’t have jazz. So let’s celebrate them both this weekend!

It’s our opinion that Lisbon is just the right city to come and explore different dances. There’s a strong mix of cultures here in the city and dance communities enjoy mixing together because we all have one thing in common – we just want to dance!

3rd – 5th November 2017


Balboa: Nejc Zupan & Abeth Farag
Blues: Dáire Mac An Bháird & Carla Frade

Programme in a Nutshell:

Optional Add-on Workshop: Friday evening at Lisboa Ginásio Clube
Classes: Saturday and Sunday at Lisboa Ginásio Clube
Parties: Friday and Saturday at Fábrica Braço de Prata; Sunday at Time Out Market Lisboa

* See tentative timetable below for more details

Parties Friday and Saturday at Fábrica Braço de Prata – with live music both nights!  Sunday night party at Time Out Market Lisboa with DJ set.

Friday night:
The Lisbon Mash Up Band – an international group made up of our friends Juan Klappenbach from Argentina on the clarinet/saxaphone, Julien Didier from France on the double bass, F Kent Queener from USA/Portugal on the keyboard and Nuno Marinho from Portugal on the guitar. They’re putting this band together just for us!

Saturday night:
Our Lisbon friends Miss Manouche with special guest Juan Klappenbach from Argentina playing some gypsy jazz for our swing feet and our other Lisbon friends Hearts & Bones playing the Blues for our Blues soul.

Dance Tracks

Full Pass can choose a Balboa level and a Blues level

Half pass can choose one level of Balboa OR Blues

Blues Level 1

You’ve just discovered Blues dancing but have no or very little experience. Maybe you’ve even done a couple of classes, but are not confident in the basics. So learn them this weekend – how to connect to your partner as well as listen to and move with the music. If you’ve never danced Blues, this is also for you!

Pass Options / Prices

Full Pass

includes 7 hours of classes + 3 parties

90€ until 30 September / 100€ after 30 September

Mash Up Track (Balboa level of choice + Blues level of choice)